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Updated: Jan 25

Who are we

Clockwork Studios is a not for profit social enterprise shared office space and business support hub supporting new business, sole traders, start-ups and encouraging business growth through training, events and networking.

We offer co-working, with a twist. We want to hep the Prescot community and its amazing entrepreneurs thrive, grow, and get the support of the community, because we know how lonely and difficult starting and growing a small business can be.

What we do

We are a social enterprise, meaning all out profits are reinvested to help small businesses in Prescot access advice and support to help them grow.

We offer:

  • Individual hot desks, daily and monthly

  • Dedicated desks

  • Private full office rental memberships

  • Meeting room

  • Event space

Included in the price are things like free WiFi, printing and scanning, access to a kitchen area with hot drinks and fresh pastries. What's more, members will also receive discounts and promotions with many local businesses.

All of this might make us sound like we are like any other office space…But there's more!

We aim to become the go-to space for anyone who wants to start or grow their business. This is why we worked hard to create meaningful relationships with the BIPC Liverpool City Region, The Founders Program, and of course our very own Chamber of Commerce.

The BIPC will be sponsoring our FREE Lunchtime Masterminds, 1-hour interactive sessions on various topics to help and promote business growth.

The Knowsley Chamber will have a weekly presence at Clockwork, offering advice and signposting to all local entrepreneurs.

The Founders program will be including our "One year of support for a Micro Business" package in their offering.

The package includes:

  • 1 year of hot desking

  • Access to all our Lunchtime Mastermind talks

  • Access to our Startup School

And by the way, we have so many businesses lined up for this package, so if your company wants to sponsor one of these please do get in touch. You could be helping a startup thrive for a year for a tiny price!

So as you see, lots going on here at Clockwork! And you might be saying, "This all sounds exhausting" -And at times, it can be! So why do we do all this??

Our founders Francesca Manca and Kelly Roskell want to create a community hub for sole traders, hybrid workers, small businesses and students looking for affordable workspace and free business advice. And they want to do it it in Prescot, as similar realities exist across the Liverpool City Region, but not in this area.

Francesca, a marketing and business growth consultant and Kelly, an accountant, both now run multiple businesses while raising families and are active in the community with mental health, inclusion and special educational needs initiatives.

Fran and Kelly know that starting and growing a business can be extremely challenging, and through their professional experience they come across many businesses which start with enormous potential to succeed, but fail due to lack of support.

And they decided to change this reality with Clockwork Studios- one hot-desk at a time.

Prescot has a thriving business community with a real ‘hands on’ approach to supporting each other and collaboration. We wanted to provide a hub that embraces that community focus and gives business owners somewhere to find the support they need to take their business to the next level. Whether that is through a quick 30 minute chat about how to register their business or through a programme of building a cash flow, writing a business plan or how to find clients.

Knowsley and the surrounding Liverpool City Region have an incredible offer of support for new businesses, and we are happy to work together to ensure Knowsley’s business community grows as we navigate through a challenging economic backdrop.

Prescot prides itself on hard work and ambition but starting and growing a business isn't always easy. From our own experience, we believe that success comes from the support of a community and by learning from those who have walked the entrepreneur’s path and can share their insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Fran and Kelly said: "We want Clockwork Studios to be a space for growth for all, whether they are with us every day, or as a one-off or only for a few hours. And we want our services to be accessible to all, including those who right now, may not think they can afford it. We want them particularly to have the opportunity to explore their business ideas without it costing the earth."

Anyone interested in finding out more can contact us on social media @clockstudio_pre , check out our website or send us an email on

Come visit us soon at Clockwork Studios, we look forward to helping you grow your business!

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