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Prescot Focus

The Success Plan

Established in early 2020, The Success Plan prides themselves on being accessible for anyone needing advice or support. They offer a free consultation either in person or via call/zoom and drop-in sessions on the first Tues of every month. Anyone can pop in and have a quick chat or book in for a more detailed consultation if needed.

Kelly Roskell says; ‘I left my employed job working in an accountancy practice and started my own business. With no clients and a business ‘plan’ written on a Starbucks napkin.’

‘If there is a need for insurance, support with opening a business bank account, business strategy and marketing, content creation and website design, anything at all that a business needs we can point them in the direction of someone who can offer guidance.’

‘I started working from home, networking, creating guidance documents, offering support on ‘deciphering’ releases from HMRC re furlough pay, SEISS grants and such. By giving value and support where needed and being seen I picked up a few clients and business started to grow. I was able to be a more present Mum to the kids, pick them up from school and make a home-cooked dinner without it being a mad dash with sometimes a quick oven dinner and quickly have them into bed ready to start again the next day. I got my freedom back which was very important to me after being a fulltime working Mum.’

As The Success Plan continued to grow and took on their first member of staff, they found the unit in Prescot Shopping Centre and renovated it completely. The Success Plan is presently looking ahead to the next stage of a third employee due to increasing workloads.

‘We aim to keep growing through supporting as many other local business owners as we can. The more people we support then hopefully we continue to grow in turn, we can offer further employment opportunities to the local area too. We would like to be able to link with local businesses even more and showcase jobs and career opportunities, even career advice to schools using the local businesses in Prescot and our business network. Prescot has a lot to offer, and we feel it can come together even more to really drive business and career opportunities in Knowsley.’

‘The love I have for my job was always with helping someone to start their own business, from taking an idea and giving the best personal advice for that business owner on how to go about starting their own business, whether it be as a sole trader, or a limited company depends mainly on the individual and their specific circumstances. I enjoy getting to know them as a person, what their business does and hopefully I get to see them grow as they grow with their business.’

You can contact The Success Plan through their website; Contact | Thesuccessplan

Jessie & Co

Established in 2010 Jessie and Co has been a Prescot staple for twelve years. The boutique opened in 2014, with over 30 concessions throughout salons, spas, and boutiques in the Northwest. The end of 2018 saw Jessie & Co go online, Jessie & Co – Jessie & Co. (, and they have seen continuous growth year, on year.

Louise said “I am delighted that we get to have the Shakespeare North Theatre in our Town Centre. It will certainly increase visitors. I've already seen that happen. I believe the food and drink businesses should start benefiting from this amazing addition to our Town Centre pretty much straight away. For other businesses it ‘s giving them the opportunity to showcase their business to the new visitors to the Town Centre.

As Prescot is an historic market town there are lots of side streets, we need to think on how we are going to get these extra visitors up the side streets.’

Prescot Town Centre came together for the opening of the Shakespeare North Theatre by putting on fantastic Shakespeare themed Window Displays.

‘Our window display is often a talking point in Prescot. We change it at least every 4 weeks (exc Christmas) and always adapt to the time of year and events going on in the Town Centre. Our next one for September will be autumn themed. We love a good prop too. Last year's Halloween display featured Maude & Mildred, talking and moving witches crouched over their cauldron!’

‘We provide a wide range of clothing and accessories for the fashion conscious and stylish woman. When buying our emphasis is on something that you will have in your wardrobe for years, so not fast fashion but sustainable and affordable fashion.’

Jessie & Co have their own in store VIP Loyalty Programme. Customers earn points as they buy, and these can be redeemed in store. This is all done using our EPOS system and customers can see on their receipts at a glance how many points they have. Customers can subscribe to our in-store mailing group, to receive gift vouchers on their birthdays and vouchers to be used in store.

‘Now almost 30% of all sales are online, ideally, I would have liked to open another boutique but with rising costs and uncertainty on the High Street this has been put to one side for the time being.

We are still focusing on growing our online audience and in 5 years’ time it would be great to have a separate website distribution centre.’

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