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Q and A with Gareth Boyd

What does your business do?

Liverpool Food Tours offers award winning food/drink experiences. It has entertained 1000’s of tour guests since 2019 and showcases ‘hidden independent gems’. During each tour, guests enjoy food/drink from 5 venues and also get to learn more about our amazing city. Its’ the perfect experience for any foodie!

What did you do to celebrate Eurovision in Liverpool?

Liverpool Food Tours designed a Eurovision Food Tours – Eurovision foodie fans, enjoyed food/drink from 3 venues – British, Italy and Spain and took part in a special Eurovision bingo game – with prizes up for grabs!

What was your favourite moment?

Meeting amazing tour guests from all around the world and working in the city and soaking up the tremendous Eurovision ‘buzz’

What did you learn?

Just how inclusive Eurovision is and also its global reach – I was surprised to welcome so many guests from USA for example

Can you describe/outline your typical day?

Before welcoming guests, I will visit venues to ‘check in’ and make sure everything is ready for the tour visit. I’ll also catch up with tour guides to make sure they are prepared etc. Post tour, I contact guests to say thank you and carry out social media activity

What was the best training you have ever done?

Definitely on the job training – I’ve been fortune to work in a wide variety of different ‘front of house’ roles over the past 25 + years. Understanding the importance of excellent customer service and also not every thing goes to plan and knowing how to mange this, is key

What do you do in your own time when you’re not working?

Of course, eating and drinking, exploring new potential tour venues, travel and currently I’m looking at a number of new tour city locations for launch in 2023/24

What are your goals for the next two years?

  • To be one of Liverpool’s recognised and ‘go to’ experiences

  • To continue to provide unique consistently 1st class guest experiences

  • Have a few of the guide team (currently 6) working full time

  • And hopefully win a few more awards!

What motivates you?

I love meeting people and showcasing Liverpool and it’s exciting food/drink scene. Doing this and whilst growing a 1st class business is an exciting and rewarding challenge

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