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We speak to two more local business leaders, Jamie Wray, Ways to WOW, and Venessa Boatang, Viva Creations, to see how they are leading their businesses to future growth and how they are setting the pace for 2022…

Jamie Wray, Ways to WOW

Jamie Wray started Ways to WOW through a passion to help individuals, teams and organisations master a WOW mentality that improves their personal performance, people, customers, and community.

Ways TO WOW is an experiential training & development agency that offers engaging training workshops, team building activities and brand experience support that are designed to improve organisational culture, customer experience, brand identity and personal performance. Their training is truly unique as they use gamification and human purpose to spark creativity as well as new ideas in all participants.

With fifteen years’ experience in hospitality, leisure, retail and other high service-related sectors.

Jamie and the Ways to WOW team aim to engage, educate and empower individuals, teams and organisations to move from theory to practice by Mastering their WOW in life and business.

Jamie said "Employee engagement is at its all-time low and memorable customer experiences are becoming harder and harder to find. In order to solve these issues, I believe we need to reset and refocus on the small details that matter the most - Ourselves, our people and our customers. We’re trying to help businesses across multiple sectors transform their culture, leadership and brand experience by clarifying their uniqueness and relighting the purpose they once had.

‘Our training has also been adapted to develop each person in life AND business as we believe true transformation only happens when personal and professional values are united to improve mindset to help you in all aspects of life."

Ways to WOW has also just recently launched their new leadership programme, called WOW leadership. It’s based on mastering 6 modules they call WOW stones and unleashing your inner superhero inner superpowers through impacting and influencing others.

With a client base all over the city, Ways to Wow is ready to spread their message further with their new website; launching soon, their first WOW event in November, and the long-term goal to expand to every major city, creating WOW moments for businesses and individuals in specialty training centres.

Transform mediocre into memorable and find your Ways To Wow by contacting Jamie for more information.

You can contact Jamie directly on; or call 07729134345

Vanessa Boateng, Creations by Viva Skincare

Founded by Vanessa Boateng, Creations By Viva Skincare was born out of the need to create quality skin, hair care and makeup products with quality natural ingredients.

Vanessa identified the need to create quality skin care products using traditional ancient ingredients for those who suffer with skin conditions and to create a brand-new range of products using organic ingredients to produce modern fashion products.

‘There was a need to solve skincare challenges which I also suffered with. There wasn't any safe products out there which worked without side effects.’

Looking at the effects of toxic products on women’s skin, Vanessa decided to use traditional ingredients to create an alternative which is healthier, safe and sustainable which yield results. These products are free from parabens, sulphates and silicones and are cruelty free and vegan friendly.

We are currently showcasing our business and products at different trade shows and events as well as hosting a couple of Pop-Up stalls in John Lewis and Partners and Waitrose across the UK. This is in collaboration with the Great British Exchange, which allows Vanessa to showcase her brand in various cities in the UK and expanding her products to reach their target audience.

As an entrepreneur Vanessa enjoys the freedom to be creative and innovate which can be seen in Creations By Viva Skincare’s wide variety of products using organic ingredients to produce from moisturising body washes, bath bombs, facial moisturisers, body lotions and modern skincare produce range.

Vanessa projects seeing her business open at least two brick and mortar shops in the city region and her products on the shelves of major retailers across the UK.

You can explore Viva Skincare’s catalogue on their website;

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