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Sector Focus - Beverston Engineering

Opening in 1974, Beverston Engineering has been manufacturing precision machine parts for Industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and the nuclear power industry.

From Apprentice to Owner Rod Wah sees the value in bringing fresh perspective into the workplace.

‘The reason we've been going for a long time is because we change. That is the reason why we have some very loyal customers.' He says,

‘We try to do the right thing, cut out waste, improve, try to make the product cheaper, deliver on time, get the quality right.’

Rod says:" A huge part of that is your staff, highly trained highly skilled staff and that is why we have always taken on Apprentices."

When Rod took over Beverston Engineers in 1981, his first employee was an Apprentice and since then Beverston Engineering has taken 50-60 Apprentices on.

"A lot of them are now holding really responsible jobs in big companies such as manager positions, and some run their own businesses.’ Rod says. “You must accept that ambitious apprentices will move on to bigger companies, but some do stay and that is most important. To those that do move on, I feel pride that we gave then the good start to their career. You cannot let the fear of losing apprentice trained staff in the future, stop you from taking on apprentices. Your business could suffer long term”.

‘Currently Beverston has 48 staff, 5 of which are apprentices, who attend St Helens College or Northwest Trainings Council.’

‘They are crucial to the future of your company. They usually turn out to be very good employees, very flexible, and usually more skilled than people that come in from outside. For some people the apprentice route is better than going to university, as they are getting trained up in manufacturing and learning on the job.’

‘We are finding today that people who'd normally go to university are now doing apprenticeships’

‘Apprenticeships are very important for Beverston going forward, they will be supplementing the growth that Beverston will hopefully see over the next few years.'

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