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Sector Focus: Bomac Electric Ltd

Updated: Aug 7

Bomac has been a family-run business since it was established in the 1950s. Over half a century later, they remain dedicated to producing quality heating elements and heating products. They manufacture their products with an eye towards current trends and world events, supplying elements to commercial catering and heating markets as well as consumer appliances. This means that if you have a Whirlpool oven in your own home, it's possible that one of Bomac's grills is inside!

Bomac also provides to the high-end market. 'These customers are great because they purchase on a smaller scale but are happy to pay higher prices for a high quality product. To shift and accommodate different markets, we partnered nearly 20 years ago with a Chinese manufacturing company and were able to deliver bulk volume at near unbeatable prices.'

Bomac has global customers, including those in the UK, Europe, America and South Africa.

"We are able to price inquiries according to budget and requirements; this affords us flexibility depending on the market, whether it be niche or bulk. We can craft a solution that serves each customer exactly as they need."

At their small team based in Knowsley, they offer excellence in both manufacturing and R&D. When a customer comes with an inquiry for a product, more often than not, Bomac work with them to design something bespoke. They specialize in designing heating solutions and provide their customers with services such as creating prototypes, doing life tests and 3D designing - all from their facility here at Knowsley.

ESG is an essential factor in both attracting potential talent and acquiring new customers. For businesses that do not cast their attention to ESG, they face the danger of becoming outdated and irrelevant. As we have seen, the importance of ESG has grown rapidly over time; for these reasons corporations must be proactive in adopting such values.

'As customer demand continues to evolve, we are now obligated to redesign our products with increased emphasis on sustainability. For example, the single-use heater mat that is used in the transportation of food ingredients: A customer recently presented us with a dilemma, indicating their unwillingness to purchase the product unless we provide either a recycling service or information as to how they can recycle it. Knowing this - and understanding its importance - we must seriously consider every product that we manufacture and strive for ways in which each item can be made reusable or from recycled materials. At the end of its life cycle, how can we ensure that the product is recycled? This is a vital question that must be responded to through thoughtful design and implementation.'

The cost of production is an important factor in business, but some companies select to use recycled materials even though they are more expensive. In this way, they strive to provide goods that are higher quality and better for the environment. Bomac is currently looking into providing options crafted with recycled materials, so customers can enjoy products that have both strong performance and low environmental impact.

'Attracting talent to the business is a top priority. With some of our staff coming close to retirement age, we need to ensure that we have quality individuals ready to take over from them. From what other people in the industry say, recruiting can be difficult. Utilizing ESG practices and having sustainability plans in place can attract these potential employees.'

Survey data suggests that working for a sustainable company is important to many people. As much as it concerns prospective workers about the pay, career growth and other package details, a lot of job seekers are eager to work for an organization that shows commitment to sustainability. It's crucial for businesses today to be mindful of their impacts on society and nature.

'I think you've got to and we've got a long way to go. We're at the start of this journey, but we now need to step back and look at all of our existing products We understand the need to take a proactive approach in order to anticipate and service our customers' wants and needs.'

It's essential to consider that our products can have an impact on the environment, and it's important not to become discouraged when looking into this. From analyzing whether they can be recycled or changed to be made from more recyclable materials, small changes can make big differences. At Bomac, they are already taking a look at their own products and finding ways in which they can become involved with projects that could help reduce their ecological footprint.

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