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Sector Focus - Machmade

Machmade ta Dyno Plumbing and Drains is a family ran franchised plumbing and drainage business looking after the greater Merseyside area.

Operating 24/7 365, out of their Knowsley based office, they employ 10 office staff, and forty plumbing and drainage experts on the road and are currently rated 5 on Trustpilot by their customers.

‘The current economic situation is a worry for us as it is for every SME across the country. Having already absorbed the pain of the COVID periods we see no let-up in the headwinds.’

‘We have seen our costs in terms of materials etc more than double and are trying to improve efficiencies, so we pass on as little as possible of these increases to our customers’

The cost of maintaining a reasonably large fleet of vehicles is also a major challenge with fuel/repairs/servicing etc going through the roof. All these increased outlays coupled with a marketplace nervous to spend make it a real challenge but one we are well placed to overcome.

‘As we gear up for our busiest time of the year, we are currently looking forward to attending the Knowsley Business Awards later this month. We have a nominee in the Employee of the Year category and are hopeful of something else to celebrate on the evening.’

Moving into the New Year, Machmade are looking forward to growing their presence in the marketplace, in both the commercial drains and the plumbing and heating business.

‘As people are looking at dealing with the pressures of the current economic climate coupled with the volatile energy markets we believe we will be able to help people in our area to keep services running, keep businesses working and help customers with various ways of saving energy and water related expenditures.’

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