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Sector Focus - Maria Fogg Family Law Solicitors

Updated: Aug 7

Established in 2012 by a dedicated mother with just one laptop, the growth of Maria Fogg Family Law Solicitors has been significant since its inception. What began as a four-person team has now grown to include seventeen staff members - six from 3 sets of families!

Despite their growth over the years, they remain down-to-earth, personal and welcoming to all who walk through their doors. With deep roots in their community and committed partnerships with local organisations like The First Step, this team is dedicated to providing high-quality services right from their office located conveniently on Huyton Village.

With a deep-rooted commitment to their local area and a passion for providing top-notch legal representation, this family-run law firm is an excellent choice for anyone seeking legal advice or support. Their friendly and approachable nature combined with their legal expertise makes them a top choice for clients from all backgrounds and walks of life.

“We all get on so well it works for us, we’ve completely got each other’s back and being family we know each other inside out so we work together best.” Charlotte Fogg, Director of development says.

The team at Maria Fogg is composed of talented individuals who have been nurtured to reach their full potential.

The team is incredibly tight-knit, with many starting as a summer interns and are now integral members of the team. They operate from an office setting for better quality training that benefits all staff members.

The remarkable cohesion among the team offers a significant advantage; they work exceptionally well together as a family, having each other's back to deliver the best results.

"When people are ready for progression we progress them, we don't make them to jump through hoops."

The Maria Fogg team is always approachable and supportive, making it easy for their employees to reach out whenever necessary. They take pride in fostering a work environment that enables personal growth and professional development with all profit made going back into the business, and benefiting the staff.

"Knowing that you're doing good, helping people and it's always the right decision at the end is the best part of the job." says Andrea Fogg, director and office manager.

Maria Fogg has community at the heart of everything they do, having donated to the Big Help Project foodbank, care boxes for over 70 children and women in refuges at Christmas and Easter, dress down days with staff donating £5 each to local charities they will also be Taking part in Pretty Muddy the whole office raised over £1,000 so far.

Maria Fogg values community above all else and consistently displays their commitment through their charitable efforts.

The Maria Fogg team will be participating in Pretty Muddy, raising money for Cancer Research UK you can support them here Maria Fogg Family Law Team (

Their unwavering dedication to giving back serves as an inspiration within the professional arena and beyond, this being validated by their recent win Maria Fogg Family Law has been crowned Britain’s greatest family business winning the Legacy Award at The Small Awards and are finalist for Best Family Business at the Enterprise Vision Awards in September.

Maria Fogg Family Law's commitment is a shining example in both professional and personal circles, as demonstrated by their recent achievement of the Legacy Award at The Small Awards.

‘Mum got law degree whilst raising a family she gave us the motivation to work hard. Like her, we just want to help people.’

Find out more about Maria Fogg Family Law Solicitors services here; Family Law Solicitors Liverpool | Maria Fogg (

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